Why Do Some Real Estate Careers Fail?

Real estate can be an extremely rewarding career path, and it isn’t surprising that so many individuals find themselves interested in pursuing it. However, as with any other occupation, not everyone has the skills and dedication necessary to succeed. There will be those who pursue a career in real estate but aren’t able to stick with the occupation long-term.

Fortunately, if you’re dedicated to real estate and willing to put in the work, it’s entirely possible to find success. Just keep the following pitfalls in mind so you can steer clear of them.

Real Estate is Hard Work

It seems obvious enough, but if you’re not working hard as a real estate agent, you’re unlikely to succeed. Real estate agents are entrepreneurs, and this is far from an easy career path to take. Real estate means long and often unconventional hours in many locales. Often, those who prevail in their real estate careers aren’t working a standard nine to five, Monday to Friday schedule. You’ll likely need to work nights and weekends and remain available via email or phone outside your typical work hours.

You Should Get Involved in Real Estate for the Right Reasons

Not everyone ventures down the path of real estate for the right reasons. More often than not, these ill-conceived notions lead their careers to crash and burn.

For example, there’s a popular misconception that if you’re a real estate agent, you’re probably raking in the money regardless of the quality of work you’re putting in. In reality, real estate isn’t a “get rich quick” strategy. Most real estate agents aren’t making exorbitant incomes, even if they’re successful and settled in their career.

Another “wrong reason” that draws individuals to real estate is a misunderstanding of what the job actually entails. False impressions are often created through watching cable home improvement and real estate shows. If you enjoy looking at houses and believe that a realtor is little more than a certified door opener, your career is unlikely to succeed.

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