How to Help Sellers Boost Their Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term for how attractive a home appears from the road. When your client wants to sell their house, it’s imperative to make sure the house is as eye-catching as possible so that anyone in the market for a new home will notice the house and feel inclined to seek more information from the seller. If you want to ensure your client’s home has maximum curb appeal, it’s vital to provide them with some useful direction.

Have Them Arrange for Professional Cleaning

No matter what type of exterior your client’s home has, a professional cleaning can instantly make it stand out from the rest of the block. Have your client arrange for professional exterior cleaning, including the roof, siding, and windows.

Encourage Them to Update the Landscaping

The landscaping around a home is a major component of curb appeal. Have your client arrange a landscaping service to visit the property and carefully trim the grass, hedges, and trees on the property. You may also want to encourage them to build retaining walls around garden beds, add decorative pieces to the exterior, and eliminate any debris or refuse that may have accumulated around the property.

Suggest Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting offers many benefits. Explain to your client that a properly lit home exterior increases the security of their home, making it less likely for break-ins to occur. Proper lighting can also create dramatic visual effects by highlighting the home’s architecture. People driving by the home in the evenings will be more likely to find a home welcoming and attractive when it is well-lit.

Consider an Updated Exterior Color Scheme

Repainting a home exterior is a relatively big job, but if it helps a home stand out from the rest of the block then the investment can easily translate to boosted curb appeal. Help your client determine what type of exterior colors would work best. In some cases, simply updating the exterior shutters and trim can be enough to significantly increase curb appeal.

These are only a few examples of ways you can help your clients attract more attention to their properties. If you are interested in further advice for helping your clients boost their properties’ curb appeal, contact us today for more information.