Is a Metal Roof Right For You?

Deciding upon a roofing material isn’t necessarily a straightforward task. Maybe you have just realized that your current roof is worn out and you’re going to need to install a new one as soon as possible, but you’ve never dealt with roofing before and don’t understand how to choose the best material. This can lead to a stressful and frustrating situation for any homeowner.

As you begin to perform your research, one roofing material you’ll certainly come across seems simple: Metal. Although it can be tempting to default to the asphalt shingles you might have become accustomed to, this isn’t always going to be the wisest decision—at least, depending upon your taste and personal priorities. Still, in many of the areas where shingling falls short, you’ll soon notice that metal rises to the top.

Metal Roofing Regulates Temperature

If you’re looking to keep the temperature within your home well-regulated, a metal roofing system could be the choice for you. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal doesn’t absorb and hold onto heat from the sun, transferring that heat into your home to get in the way of your HVAC system’s efficiency, quickly leading to higher bills. Over a period of time, costs like those add up.

Metal roofing reflects heat from the sun rather than absorbing it. This means that the sun’s heat isn’t going to be transferred into your property, heating up the interior, and making your air conditioner’s job more difficult.

Metal Roofing is an Investment, But It Lasts

If you’re hoping to avoid a pricey upfront cost for your new roof, then metal roofing probably isn’t the option for you. Other popular materials (such as asphalt shingles) have a much lower upfront cost, for instance.
However, if you’re able to invest in your new roofing system, metal could be a great option. Metal roofs have a higher upfront installation cost, but they also require very little maintenance, so you aren’t going to be paying for a slew of expensive repairs over the years. In addition, they tend to last considerably longer than other common roofing materials before requiring a replacement.

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