Marketing to Younger Buyers

Year over year, the real estate market is becoming more heavily dominated by Millennial and Gen-Z buyers. With so many young people joining the market as current and potential buyers, real estate agents have needed to adapt their advertising strategies. However, many others are asking: is it all that different to advertise to a Millennial or Gen-Z homebuyer compared to someone from an older generation?

Simply put—yes. Advertising to a younger demographic comes with some unique challenges for agents and real estate professionals. In many ways, effectively advertising to young buyers is more difficult than advertising to those of a prior generation. While an older buyer may be convinced by conventional advertising strategies and formats, many young, first-time homebuyers aren’t looking to be sold to. Rather, these younger clients would rather be educated on the home buying process and what it entails.

Generally, this means that agents will need to concentrate on content marketing rather than traditional advertisements if they’re looking to catch the attention of Millennial and Gen-Z buyers.

Use Platforms That Are Well-Suited to Content Marketing

If you’re focusing on content marketing strategies, you’ll need to share your content on the most effective platforms. Currently, there’s no right answer for the best platform for content marketing. The preferred platform really depends on the kind of content you’re sharing.

For instance, if you’re creating long-form content, you should be sticking to sites that allow users to share blogs, podcasts, and videos. YouTube is a popular example. For other kinds of content, choose platforms that you know you can stick to and post on regularly. Keep in mind—you don’t need to appear on every social media site. Instead, content marketing works best if you’re showing up in one place on a consistent basis.

Communicate With First-Time Homebuyers About Their Needs

Rather than sit back and advertise to Millennial and Gen-Z buyers, you should be engaging with them directly. Talking to first-time or younger buyers and learning about their priorities can also make it easier for you to develop new marketing content in the future. Endeavor to make it clear in your marketing materials that you excel at guiding first-time homebuyers through this new and unfamiliar process. They’ll be more likely to come to you if they believe you’re willing to listen and lend a hand.

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